Tanker joy: Definitely worth the wait

After waiting for many months for our new vacuum tanker, we finally took delivery back in July 2013. Unfortunately, due to a specification issue and after only one day in operation it was recalled.

But we are pleased to say it is now returned to us and hopefully, for a lot longer this time.
Providing a maximum capacity of 18,000lts it’s fully operational and meets ADR specification, which means we can transport a greater range of hazardous waste streams.

We can also take care of the disposal for you and provide waste transfer documentation.
Weekend working to fit in with your production or maintenance requirements can also be accommodated.  

“Full ADR specification for a range of hazardous waste streams”

It can be hired with a fully experienced qualified driver/operator by contacting us on 0121 580 3055 or through your own dedicated Account Manager.


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