Alstom & Haz receive the Green Apple Award 2013

Alstom Transport UK and their waste management partners Haz Environmental and B & M Waste Services have received a UK Green Apple Champion Award for “Environmental Best Practice” through waste management control.

It marks significant and well deserved recognition for Alstom in their on-going commitment to waste management and zero waste to landfill.

Alstom maintains tilting Virgin Pendolinos on the West Coast Main Line through a network of Traincare Centres and this involves managing all the waste produced.

To achieve this Alstom Transport recognised the importance of having support from their waste management contractors.

This is where the experience and extensive industry knowledge of Alstom’s lead buyer Paul Crowley was key in creating a successful partnership with Haz Environmental and B & M Waste Services.

Alstom Transport’s progressive and determined approach to waste control, recycling and waste to energy has ultimately produced an enviable status.

“Paul Crowley, Gary Perks, Sue Hall & Derek Smith receiving the award”

“Paul Crowley, Gary Perks, Sue Hall & Derek Smith receiving the award”
The award was presented at the House of Commons by The Green Organisation and was received by Paul Crowley and representatives from Haz and B & M.

We would like to congratulate Paul Crowley who received a surprise and unique individual award in recognition of his skills and services to negotiating environmental contracts.

We recommend a visit to The Green Organisations website to view “The Green Book” which provides a guide to companies like Alstom who have achieved “Environmental Best Practise”.


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