Ongoing support for “The Lullaby Trust”

The Pype Hayes Golf Club Birmingham has honoured its pledge to raise even more money for the sudden infant death charity “The Lullaby Trust”.

Following the success of the Kai Memorial Golf Tournament organised by the club back in October 13 organiser Billy Noonan pledged to hold the event annually, which is now scheduled for July.

The club thought it would be a good idea to hold an impromptu competition as an extra boost for the charity, before the main tournament.
Haz Environmental Operations Manager Paul Sullivan was one of 53 players who took part in the hastily set up charity golf competition on May 17th 2014. Each player generously contributed a fee to enter the competition, which raised a donation of £600.

Sullivan says “I would like to thank all the players for their support in entering the competition and considering it was set up so quickly the event turned out to be a great day.

“Paul and friend Billy Noonan continue to support the trust”

The weather was fantastic which obviously helps and of course the big success, is we were able to make the donation to the charity”
The main event “The Kai Memorial Golf Tournament” will be held at The Pype Hayes Golf Club Birmingham in July.

There will be plenty of trophies up for grabs followed by a disco and buffet in the evening.

If you would like to offer support or sponsorship Billy can be contacted by email at

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Industrial Cleaning Birmingham

Disposing of rubbish costs your business time and money and wastes natural resources.

By effectively managing waste you can:

• Save your business money
• Reduce energy consumption
• Enhance environmental performance
• Reduce operating costs
• Comply with your legal obligations
• Improve the image of your business

Managing waste costs money but poor waste management costs even more. While small changes to your waste management system may seem trivial, when they are added up the benefits are worth it. The costs you may be aware of that come with waste management are: skips, landfill charges and air pollution charges. But there are many other costs you may not have taken into consideration, such as: transportation of waste, wasted time, wasted energy, wasted water, and environmental fines.

There are many benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling your waste. For one, it will save you money. The cost of putting your waste in a landfill has dramatically increased, going to £64 per tonne in April 2012 and rising steadily by £8 every year since then. Reducing waste will save your overheads. Reusing waste will reduce the cost of purchases raw materials and recycling waste may reduce disposal costs over time. Another benefit of reducing, reusing and recycling your waste is that it improves and enhances your business image. By reducing your environmental impact, it can impress and improve your reputation with customers and stakeholders alike. A third benefit in reducing, reusing and recycling your waste is that it makes sure you are meeting legal obligation. As a business owner you are responsible for managing the waste of your business in a responsible manner. The main piece of legislation relating to waste is referred to as your “Duty of Care”. Your actions may also improve the impact your business has on the environment and may also improve your workplace.

Before you can put a plan in place to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste, you need to discover and check what type of waste your business is producing. Perhaps your an office who is producing reams upon reams of paper waste. Or perhaps your a chemical business and your producing hazardous waste. Waste management west Midlands doesn’t exclude one type of waste production. You should perform a waste audit to discover what type of waste your business produces. A waste audit should find out how and where waste is produced, find out if any waste is hazardous, find the quantity and type of waste, and find the current disposal cost – this may come as a shock to you.
From your waste audit, you should be able to carefully see what kind of waste your business produces and what you can do about it, whether that’s reduce the waste, reuse the waste or recycle the waste before disposal.

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Charity golf tournament success

A charity golf tournament has raised £2235 for sudden infant death charity, The Lullaby Trust, who provides specialist support for bereaved families.

Keen golfer, Haz Operations Manager Paul Sullivan took part in the event on October 19 at the Pype Hayes Golf Club, Birmingham.
The tournament was organised by Sullivan’s close friend Billy Noonan in memory of his five month-old baby grandson whom tragically died of cot death syndrome last year.

Haz Environmental was one of several local businesses who provided sponsorship.

Director Gary Perks said “We are delighted such a substantial amount was raised and commend everyone involved.”
Sullivan says “Over 60 golfer took part and considering the weather forecast was not too good, the attendance was amazing. I’m especially pleased for Billy, who has put so much time and effort into organising the event.”

“Billy presents the tournament winners trophy”

Billy’s efforts do not end here; he aims to raise even more money for charity next year with even bigger events.
If you would like to offer support or sponsorship Billy can be contacted by email at

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Alstom & Haz receive the Green Apple Award 2013

Alstom Transport UK and their waste management partners Haz Environmental and B & M Waste Services have received a UK Green Apple Champion Award for “Environmental Best Practice” through waste management control.

It marks significant and well deserved recognition for Alstom in their on-going commitment to waste management and zero waste to landfill.

Alstom maintains tilting Virgin Pendolinos on the West Coast Main Line through a network of Traincare Centres and this involves managing all the waste produced.

To achieve this Alstom Transport recognised the importance of having support from their waste management contractors.

This is where the experience and extensive industry knowledge of Alstom’s lead buyer Paul Crowley was key in creating a successful partnership with Haz Environmental and B & M Waste Services.

Alstom Transport’s progressive and determined approach to waste control, recycling and waste to energy has ultimately produced an enviable status.

“Paul Crowley, Gary Perks, Sue Hall & Derek Smith receiving the award”

“Paul Crowley, Gary Perks, Sue Hall & Derek Smith receiving the award”
The award was presented at the House of Commons by The Green Organisation and was received by Paul Crowley and representatives from Haz and B & M.

We would like to congratulate Paul Crowley who received a surprise and unique individual award in recognition of his skills and services to negotiating environmental contracts.

We recommend a visit to The Green Organisations website to view “The Green Book” which provides a guide to companies like Alstom who have achieved “Environmental Best Practise”.


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Tanker joy: Definitely worth the wait

After waiting for many months for our new vacuum tanker, we finally took delivery back in July 2013. Unfortunately, due to a specification issue and after only one day in operation it was recalled.

But we are pleased to say it is now returned to us and hopefully, for a lot longer this time.
Providing a maximum capacity of 18,000lts it’s fully operational and meets ADR specification, which means we can transport a greater range of hazardous waste streams.

We can also take care of the disposal for you and provide waste transfer documentation.
Weekend working to fit in with your production or maintenance requirements can also be accommodated.  

“Full ADR specification for a range of hazardous waste streams”

It can be hired with a fully experienced qualified driver/operator by contacting us on 0121 580 3055 or through your own dedicated Account Manager.


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Waste Management West Midlands

Haz Environmental are proud to be one of the largest waste management companies in the West Midlands, we are based in Birmingham but work nationwide.

We combine our knowledge and personal service to provide the best waste management solutions in the West Midlands.

We help reduce waste disposal costs, and increase your recycling which in turn benefits the environment.

Our regular visits and site reports provide essential feedback leading to continued improvements to service, advice and practical help.

What ever waste you produce we can take care of it call 0121 580 3055 today for more information.

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Industrial Cleaning Birmingham

Industrial cleaning in birmingham Looking for Industrial Cleaning in Birmingham? Haz Environmental can help, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning solutions.

These services include:

  • Needle Sweeps
  • Site Clearance
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Emergency Response
  • Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination
  • Land Decontamination
  • click here to be redirected to our Services page.

    From chewing gum removal through to Land decontamination we are specialists in Industrial Cleaning in Birmingham.

    Contact us today to find out more

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    Green Hero Status for Alstom Transport UK & Ireland

    The Green Organisation is a non-profit and non-political environment group established to recognise and reward environmental excellence internationally.

    With many supporters including the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and many more professional bodies, receiving one of their awards is an outstanding achievement.

    So it is with great pleasure we congratulate our valued customer Alstom Transport UK for their recognition by The Green Organisation for environmental best practise for waste management.

    We would also like to thank Paul Crowley Lead buyer at Alstom Transport for promoting Haz Environmental as a key partner in ultimately achieving zero waste to landfill and ISO 14001 accreditation.

    “Alstom Transport UK Green Heroes”

    Alstom Transport can now lay claim to being one of The Green Organisations International Green Heroes 2013 for which they are soon to be presented with a wall plate and certificate.

    The complete Alstom Transport success story can be appreciated in The Green Organisations “The Green Book” a unique work reference of environmental best practise projects.


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    ISO 9001 certification update

    Some of you may have noticed our ISO 9001 certification expires on 12/5/13.

    The good news is we have completed our three year strategic review and passed without a single non-conformity issue.

    Our BSI assessor is recommending accreditation and is in the process of requesting a new certificate is issued prior to the expiry date.

    As soon as the certificate is received it will be posted to our document download page on our website.

    In the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or Gary Perks on 0121 580 3055.

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    Industrial Waste Removal West Midlands

    Industrial waste collection and recycling

    We supply a complete industrial waste management service, we cover all types of general, hazardous and non-hazardous waste covering the whole of the UK.

    Industrial waste can include oily water, waste oil collection, paints, chemicals and many different types of waste.

    All of our employees are highly trained and reviewed for training if needed.

    Your work will be carried out in accordance with detailed method statements and risk assessments to ensure the safest standards are maintained.

    Our Industrial waste removal services can save you a significant amount of money, also providing improved handling and segregation and the potential to develop a long term working partnership.

    To find out more please visit our services page or contact us by Telephone: 0121 580 3055 or via Email:

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