Handling hazardous waste is a job for experts only, for both health and safety and legal reasons. We can handle all types of hazardous waste in virtually any condition legally and safely throughout the UK.

The waste can be collected in drums, IBCs, packages or by vacuum tanker. We can also supply a wide range of hazardous waste containers.

If the hazardous waste is in damaged or corroded containers, we can safely repackage to facilitate handling and transport legislation.

Legal Compliance

Strict and extensive legislation controls the disposal of waste and it can be easy to fall foul of it. Offenders can be prosecuted and heavy fines levied. Both waste producers and their disposal contractors are equally responsible for it’s legal disposal.

We can carry out a full site survey, which is generally free, to assess your requirements and make recommendations on storage, segregation and legislation. We can provide all transportation labels and waste transfer documentation.

Our unique Haztrak system ensures full waste traceability and can be supported by site permits, licenses and waste carrier certificates.

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