We will manage and dispose of all waste generated by a customer on a single or multiple sites. In most cases we will save a significant amount of money.

Sorting out the mess

Instead of dealing with numerous individual contractors, each customer will have a single dedicated account manager at Haz Environmental. Our built-in flexibility means we can provide the highest standard of regular service throughout the UK and react to any out-of-the-ordinary situation in the shortest time.

The first stage of our service is our initial survey of a customers premises. We identify waste streams, disposal frequencies, volumes and current handling methods.

Survey, Presenting the plan

We use findings from the survey to compile an action plan to improve each site’s waste management, lowering both costs and carbon footprint.

Managing the resources

To do this we identify any waste that can be recycled and arrange for it to be segregated, without interfering with the smooth running of the site, and provide all receptacles.

We then arrange for this to be taken to recycling centres that are local to each site, keeping transport costs and impact to a minimum. The residual is then, where possible, directed to local waste-to-energy facilities, which saves landfill and the release of CO2 from fossil fuels.

Costs can also be saved, without reducing efficiency, by reorganising site waste storage facilities so pick up frequencies can be reduced.


Regular monthly or quarterly reports are produced, depending on customer requirements, which give each customer details of the waste it is producing, the cost and how it is being disposed of. This has proved to be an important management tool.


A significant reduction in costs and improvements in working conditions, health and safety and environmental credentials.

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